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Portfolio managers and traders receive a ready-made "box" solution for the creation of its own tokenized fund, operating within the legal framework. Investors can make their choice between different funds, according to the inherent ratio of risk and return. "Fund" means an investment fund which specializes in investing on cryptocurrencies and tokens markets.
A trader is a person, who independently making decisions and selecting active trading strategies on the market. A fund mostly includes a team of specialists (a fund manager, a portfolio manager, a department of analysis and strategy). Decisions can be made collectively.
"Tokenized funds" will be a key element of the system. The Token Fund that is currently working is an example or prototype, it was created and developed by the Tokenbox team.
Tokenbox is not an exchange. Individual investors will not be using the platform as an exchange, meanwhile, investors will be able to buy tokens of Funds and Traders (to make a choice, buy, keep tokens on the platform, repay tokens, receive revenue, etc.)
For Funds and Traders Tokenbox will be a gateway for entering to exchanges via API, using trading terminal.
Yes, the alfa-version will be functional for early-bird Funds and Traders which will announce their partnership with Tokenbox. The first partners of Tokenbox (funds and traders) have the opportunity to receive significant funds for managment at the start of work with Tokenbox.
Promotional activities, direct negotiations (business development).
We need to conduct complex legal procedures and large scale development. We do not think that this is long period for such a project even if we take into account our experience in creating the tokenized fund.
Each Fund will be able to create its own token which will be an equivalent of a share in the Fund. The cost of a token depends on the portfolio capitalization growth without dependency on investors number. The process of issuing and redeeming tokens is fully built on Ethereum smart-contracts. For example, the Fund began with 1,000 Bitcoin investments. Initially, there were two investors and each invested 500 BTC. The capitalization was equal to USD 4,000,000. The Fund issued its own tokens at USD 100 (for instance, it selected a name “FMG”). Each FMG token costs USD 100. Both investors received FMG 20,000 (totally 40,000) as a confirmation of their shares in the Fund. Then the fund manager sold a part of Bitcoins, bought other cryptocurrencies, market grows, and the capitalization grew to USD 6,000,000. Now each FMG token costs USD 150. Then a third investor comes and invested USD 1,500,000. In this case third investor receives FMG 10,000. So, the Fund’s capitalization is USD 7,500,000. The total number of FMG tokens is 50,000. Each FMG token costs USD 150.
Trading terminal will be developed according to the needs of various market participants (fund managers and traders). For instance, portfolio managers will get an opportunity to re-balance portfolios in accordance with the parameters set beforehand, by making transactions with a few assets. This will cut labor costs. Also, the software will allow automatic reports generation for portfolios via messengers (using bots), etc.
Investor's funds, excluding daily liquidity, are stored on multi-signature wallets behind a closed loop. All private keys are placed in a separate storage behind the contour of the platform, which allows to guarantee a higher degree of their safety.
Differences from other services are presented in section 8 of White Paper.
TBX is an utility token that providing an access to the platform’s services. A fund manager or trader who wishes to operate his own fund on the platform, acquires TBX tokens and deposits them on the platform. These funds in the TBX format, are placed in the portfolio of the Fund or Trader and are valued in the portfolio like any other assets. The share of TBX-tokens in portfolios should be maintained at a level of at least 5%.
The established price (1 TBX = 1 USD) is a price of initial token offering.
The number of TBXs will be fixed at the end of TGE. Max. 31 000 000 TBX. No additional creation is available.
TGE - Token Generation Event. It is a synonym for ICO. The term TGE is used because we issue tokens — not coins.
Yes, the amount raised cannot exceed USD 20 million.
We accept ETH, BTC. We are sorry, but we don’t accept fiat contributions.
You can use only ETH address. You will receive TBX tokens after token distribution period on this address. Do not use exchanges or online services addresses, you will not be able to receive TBX there. If you do not own an ETH address, we recommend you to create one on  MyEtherWallet.
All countries except the USA and Singapore.


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