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For Traders and Funds

Professional software

Practical trading terminal for traders, and a foolproof system for managing your fund

Most powerful and user-friendly trading terminal ever!

Manage your fund’s portfolio on any device

Fund’s tokenization

A prime opportunity to create your own tokenized fund

Investors can make mutual settlements utilizing their own token according to the relevant Smart Contract. This token is an analogue of a Fund Unit, and its value depends on the profitability and dynamics of any fluctuation in portfolio capitalization. Investors can purchase the tokens, store them and nurture them to maturity .

Tokens can also be accessed on organized markets - exchanges.

For investors

Multi-cryptocurrency wallet

Keep all your crypto assets conveniently in a single wallet

Universal crypto-currency wallet for the secure storage of digital assets. The wallet allows you to store all main crypto-currencies and tokens .

For the convenience, there are two types of wallets - "Easy" and "Professional" which can both store keys both inside and outside the system .

Invest in pro traders and funds

Reliable, transparent professional funds and traders

Tokenbox is a platform for professionals only. Traders and Funds participating are carefully selected and reviewed. We conduct Due Diligence of all traders. And no fund can withdraw assets from a client’s account .

The Rating System and “Advisory Service” can assist you in making the optimal choice of the traders represented on our system .

Pay by Credit/Debit Card and Fiat money

Yes, we accept payments in fiat currencies!

The payment gateway integrated with our platform allows you to accept payments in traditional "fiat" currencies (USD, EUR) .

Investors can convert fiat currencies into crypto-currencies and tokens, and conduct reverse operations on the Tokenbox platform .

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